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 We are based in Brighton & Hove and are piano lessons specialists

5 reasons for taking piano lessons

  • Anyone can learn the piano. It just takes a good teacher and fun content 
  • It will develop young and old brains alike and make you look super cool
  • It helps to release stress and communicate emotions
  • You'll stand out helping you to advance in employment and elswhere 
  • It will help you to learn to be patient and overcome adversities 

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Piano Lessons Brighton
piano lessons brighton

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 Quick Piano Lessons

 Quick Piano Lessons

 "One of my all time favourite songs and it sounds great on the piano... It has quite a simple chord structure and you can learn it in one lesson."

 Kev, Piano Teacher/Brighton

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What do you want to know about piano lessons?

How long till I can play the piano?

We strongly recommend weekly piano lessons to support the piano tuition. The 1st piano lesson is free after that we will have a clearer idea of your progress.

E.g. A beginner who practices regularly (every day) and attends weekly piano lessons will be able to play and read music with both hands within 1-10 piano lessons. 

Am I too old for piano lessons?

We teach people of all ages from 3 yrs old - 65 yrs old. There is no age limit for piano lessons if you can move your fingers then we will be able to teach you.

piano lessons brighton

Where in Brighton & Hove do we teach?

We are based in Brighton & Hove and cover all of the areas within it. The piano lessons will be held in your piano teacher's home studio. We do teach elsewhere but that is subject to availability and location. We will have to travel to & from Brighton & Hove so please contact us for more details.

How long should my piano lessons be?

We recommend that your piano lessons are 1 hour each. However for a young beginner 45 or even 30 minute piano lessons may be beneficial.


What level do we teach?

Your piano lessons will be taught to you by a Brighton based specialist with decades of experience who is an expert at teaching all levels and abilties from foundation to beginners to advanced. We start from pre school and go up to diplomas and beyond.


Will i be assessed?

All piano lessons content will be reviewed regularly during the course and at a mutually agreed time by yourself and your piano teacher. Normally this is every 20 piano lessons or a school termly assessment. It is a relaxed and mutual process where your course of learning will be reviewed with feedback from your piano teacher


Can we have piano lessons in school?

Are you looking for a piano teacher to come and hold piano lessons in your school? We have experience of teaching in various schools around Brighton & Hove. Your piano teacher can bring a digital piano to you. The student's piano lessons will coincide with the term time scheduling and if the student wants piano lessons outside of school times that is possible too. We can arrange fun and engaging workshops and group work, at your school or we can arrange an appropriate local venue for the workshop/performance in Brighton and Hove or elsewhere.

What level am i?

Come for the 1st piano lesson which is free and then your piano teacher will asses your current level. Even if you do have previous experience quite often we might need to look at some key aspects of the beginner's piano course in order to pick up the knowledge you need. 

Do I need a piano for the piano lessons?

You do not need a piano to actually have the piano lessons as your piano teacher will have a kitted out piano studio in their home. You will need a piano or digital in order to practice though. There are a few options around Brighton that are available.

  • Under the bridge studios
  • The universities
  • Brighton Electric
  • Gak or Ackermans music