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Thank you

The 1st piano lesson is FREE and there is no commitment to pay for any lessons after that although we are confident you will want to.

Please use this link if you wish to go back to the website - Piano lessons in Brighton

Brighton Piano Lessons

Thank you for your inquiry!

Really looking forward to discussing your journey and everything that you want to achieve. It truly is a gift for life. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Untill then please let me share a beautiful piece by Mendelssohn - performed wonderfully.

Kevin Matthews, Director of PianolessonsUK

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"You really have made learning such an easy an wonderful experience. I am quite difficult I know!! You are always patient and thoughtful. I know you will have a dozen solutions to any singular problem and the pieces we play are wonderful. Very happy with my piano that you helped me choose and my new life as a....... pianist !!!

 - Francesca, Brighton