Intermediate piano course
Length: 60 minutes
Starting level: This piano course is aimed at piano players who have finished the Beginners piano course or have been learning the piano a while (an ABRSM equivalent would be Grade 2/3).
We should have a good understanding of chords, scales and piano notation.


  • How to write and notate longer piano compositions

  • How to improvise to a higher standard, play a walking bassline etc...

  • Musical styles in depth like baroque, romantic, classical, jazz, impressionist, boogie, ragtime and more

  • More about major and minor scales and further chord development

  • Songs like Air on a G string, Fur Elise and Mission Impossible

Advanced piano lessons
These piano lessons are aimed at piano players who have been learning to play the piano for quite a long time. A graded equivalent would be Grade 5 and above.

By this point, generally you are able to pick up and read most pieces of music. These lessons will be 60 minutes long. We will go into more depth about specific genres and time periods of piano music.

We'll cover many more piano techniques in detail and learn about the structure of piano music too. E.g. Sonata form and jazz structures. 
We can also work towards a graded exam (probably ABRSM) or you anything you enjoy and helps you to develop as a pianist.. 


Studying for Exams

This is a very common way to approach your piano studies. Many of our students have started on our foundation lessons and gone on to the ABRSM grading system.

It is an accredited system that covers most aspects of piano studies. It is not essential to go down this route but the certificates can count towards UCAS points. It also gives us a great way to assess our progress and to structure our learning.

The ABRSM exams are the most common and respected of all of the syllabuses but there are many others like Trinity and Rockschool.

The certificates can also be useful when applying for jobs as it is a system that is recognised by a lot of employers.

"We all learn best with structure and a goal"


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Piano lesson reviews

 Piano tuition brighton

What do you like about your teacher?  
Kevin has a really good sense of humour but also takes learning seriously. He explains things well when I'm struggling and gives me ideas for how to improve and practice more effectively.        
What do you like about your lessons?      
The piano lessons are enjoyable and relaxed but we always get a lot done. I feel I have progressed really quickly.        
Why do you enjoy studying with us? 
It has helped all aspects of my music study - not just the piano pieces but practicing techniques and performance. I really like the piano concerts I have played with other students and learning about music theory. I am even studying composition, which is really exciting.


Great to learn from a master...

“Paul Hunter is genuinely a real master at piano and his knowledge of composition is second to none. He really understands the courses and I have learned so much. The Intermediate course is great and we do other pieces I like too ”

— Jane, Brighton

It's been a few years!!

“I didn't think it would all still be in there but thanks to Kevin my patient teacher I am slowly building my confidence. He designed the courses himself so we recapped with the Beginners course which was great to learn some quick pieces. I am very very impressed with his calm nature and deep knowledge of the instrument and it's history.”

— Mike - 36 years old, Brighton

Distinction!! my Grade 8 ABRSM.

“Yes!! My piano teacher is a don. Grade 8 in piano. I felt really prepared for it. My teacher gave me loads of tips and the piano school's documents helped a lot. 
Bring it on!"

— Ivy - 12 years old, Brighton