Your piano teacher will suggest a plan at your free 1st piano lesson in Bristol or Brighton & Hove. 

Here's what you can expect in your lessons.

Beginners piano course

Age: 8+ years and over.
Lesson length: The lessons are generally either 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the age of the student
Previous experience: No experience needed (younger children may want to start on the Foundation course) 
Content: In the Beginners Piano Course you'll:

  • Learn how to read music

  • Learn how to compose and write a piece of music

  • Learn how to improvise

  • Study how to play jazz piano, blues, boogie, classical, tango and pop

  • About major and minor piano scales and chords

  • Learn to play beginners

Practice: To start with, no longer than you'd spend brushing your teeth. We can build it up lesson by lesson.  

Can I play what I want? 

Beginners piano lessons brighton & hove station.jpg

Play what you want to.

Yes. That said, the level of ability can limit choice. We always try to teach you what you want to learn but at the beginning it takes a while to learn what you need to get going. 

As a rough guide you'll be able to improvise a 12 bar blues within 10 piano lessons.

The beginners piano course also many songs that you'll recognise. Piano songs like Imagine, The Godfather Theme, Pink Panther and Chopin Valse in A minor. 

The other great thing about it is that the songs that we chose are short. This means that you'll never spend more than 1 or 2 piano lessons learning the same piece of music. 


Beginner piano songs

This easy piano piece is on the Beginners piano course. You can learn how to play this in 10 piano lessons. You'll have also learnt about piano chords and scales. We even have a piano teacher who can help you sing it!

This piano piece is in the Beginners piano course too. It sounds quite tricky but by the time you get to it, you'll learn it in one piano lesson.

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Piano tuition reviews

Piano student



Location: Brighton
Age: 26
Level: Finished beginners piano course
Level when she joined: Beginner
Time with us: 9 months

What do you like about your piano lessons? 
I like that my piano teacher is very consistent and calm in his teaching. Kevin is patient, thorough and gives positive reinforcement. He explains it clearly. I understand the material in the lessons and also how to problem solve later when I'm at home.
The beginners piano course is extremely helpful in learning how to play the piano. It builds a solid foundation with no missing elements. I like this because I learn best with a good structure and lesson plan. Learning the piano songs based on the mood of the piano teacher/student doesn't work for me. He also makes me laugh with his analogies, so its always fun to learn with him. 

What do you like about the course so far? 
I love the process of working through the workbook. The information and definitions are helpful to refer back to, but it is also visual and tactile which helps me to learn the piano with less stress. I like the pace of the piano lessons. The Beginners piano course is very efficient and it ensures that each technique is understood before moving onto the next.
This helps me learn the piano faster and enjoy the lessons more. It also improves my confidence more and more after every piano lesson.

Would you recommend these piano lessons to someone else? If so why?  
Yes absolutely. I would recommend you because you are a very good piano teacher and fulfill your role extremely well as I now know how to play the piano as a beginner. You give results. Which is awesome and worth the money spent. You are also very easy to get on with and learn from. 

What do you enjoy about studying with your piano teacher generally? 
I mostly enjoy how much I am learning from my piano teacher based on their teaching style. And I really enjoy the fact that you are teaching me how to learn myself also, which is useful in approaching any new piece of piano music alone in the future. So thank you for the piano lessons, I am thoroughly enjoying them. 


Piano teacher


Josh Payne

Piano teacher, Hove

What do you like about the piano courses?
The piano courses are rounded, clear and tasteful. There’s some great choices of well-known and well-loved music in there to inspire developing musicians. Progress through the courses is swift and gratifying for both the student and the teacher.

What flexibility is there when it comes to teaching other material?
There is no restriction on working with other relevant material independent of the courses. If anything, supplementing the course books with other sources is encouraged to help mould lessons around the student.


"Well done me"

"What I love about the Beginner's course is that it is steady and it teaches me songs that I love. Every new piano lesson we learn something that I want to play."

— John, Age 43 - Brighton

"I don't get frustrated any more"

"I couldn't imagine the piano lessons to be any better. Face to face expert help, with so many solutions to any problem."

— Jimmy, Age 32 - Bristol

"Beginner to Grade 7 in 4 years"

"I have been taking piano lessons from these guys for 4 years now. I am now taking my Grade 7. I was a beginner 4 years ago and I couldn't be happier."

— Suzanne, Age 34 - Brighton