Where do you start?

Music is like a language. If you want to communicate freely, musically speaking, then it is important that you learn how to: 

  • Read

  • Write

  • Listen

  • Perform

  • Improvise

  • Practice the above

If you don't know how to read or write music but cannot perform in front of others, then you'd be limited in your ability to express yourself. This is one example wherein an inability in one area will effect your potential to explore music to it’s fullest. That said, we will always follow the lead of the student. If there is a strong aversion to any musical facet, then we will endeavour to encourage an interest. We shall offer you our advice but the choice of learning material is yours to make.

What are great piano lessons?

piano courses for Piano lessons brighton
  • Lessons with a thoughtful, caring and patient approach in the right location

  • Piano lessons that are the right price (cheap isn't always good!)

  • Piano lessons that give you the tools to solve problems and practice at home

  • Lessons that help you to achieve your goals and guide you as to how you can make new ones

  • Piano lessons that balance the above aspects of musicianship using materials you enjoy

Our piano lessons deliver on all of the above. The piano courses will improve all of these skills and more. We have piano teachers across Bristol, Brighton & Hove who are chosen for their friendly nature as much as their musical ability. Our piano teachers will always aim to teach you what you like, whilst giving you the skills you need. 


Express yourself

Gabriel vs Donald Trump....

Your piano lessons should give you the tools to express yourself in new ways. Gabriel wrote this song and the words. 
It is so important to us that you can explore your feelings through the piano.
This can be done via the simplest of means. Simplicity and honesty is sometimes the best formula.

Are you the right age?

It is never too late for you to learn how to play the piano. Adults generally learn faster than kids. Every child is different but, almost always, young children learn to play the piano slower than people who are over 9 years old. Kids will need to be able to recognise the letters A-G and count to 10. As a rough guide, we could safely say that a piano student needs to be between the ages of 3 and 139. ;0)

brighton piano lessons

Can you learn anything you want?

Yes. They are your piano lessons. You decide what you'd like to learn to play with our guidance. We designed our piano courses because they provide you with a great structure for your learning. They give a beginner the skills needed to be a well rounded piano player. The ABRSM syllabuses are great for this too. We have a 100% pass rate in these. If the student has another goal in mind, then we will happily follow their lead and teach anything from obscure jazz songs or to a Disney medley. 


Which piano lessons are for you?

Children's piano lessons are designed for very young piano students. Toddlers from the age of 3 up to kids, who are aged 8 or 9. The other piano lessons are for students, who are over 8 years old; however, which route you choose is dependant on your experience.  

Children's piano lessons

piano lessons brighton

Ages: 3-8 yrs
Suggested length: 30 mins
Suggested course: Foundation
Previous experience: 0 years

Beginners piano lessons

brighton piano lessons

Age: 8 yrs+ 
Suggested length: 45 or 60 mins
Suggested course: Beginners
Previous experience: 0-2 years

Intermediate + Advanced

piano lessons brighton

Age: 8 yrs+ 
Suggested length: 60 mins
Suggested course: Take your pick!
Previous experience: 3 years + 


Piano tuition reviews

"Piano tuition expert."

"I am on the beginners course with Kevin, It has been designed to make learning to play the piano a thoroughly enjoyable experience, I've learnt and understood much more than i could have imagined at this stage."

— Shivraj - Brighton

"My piano lessons in Brighton."

“Yeah it helps me to get better at piano and stuff, so I guess I'm pretty happy. Oh and my piano teacher is  pretty cool”

— Idris, Age 7 - Brighton

"Such an important part of my week."

“Ever since I moved to Brighton, Brighton piano school's piano tuition has been so important to me. Looking forward to playing Claire de lune in the concert.”

— Anthia, Age 58 - Brighton