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Kevin Matthews

Piano teacher in Montpelier


About me
I setup all of our piano schools and now run our piano school in Bristol. I wrote and designed the numerous piano courses that our teachers use. Admin attacks!! I also perform, produce and compose music of all genres.

I train all of the teachers within our school and I am very knowledgeable in all areas of piano study and the various exam syllabi. I develop and manage the training for our teachers and offer support to all of our staff.

By taking lessons with me, you would be getting a thoughtful and dedicated piano teacher who achieved their Grade 8 at 11 years old, was awarded the top music scholarship to Lancing College and then studied music at Surrey University.

My teachers were some of the best in the country. For example Tim Arnold who is Executive Director of Global operations at ABRSM. I studied with him for 5 years. I also studied with Peter Croser at Surrey University and Peter Allbright at Chichester College. I have been teaching since 1998. I have a 100% pass rate for all students that have taken ABRSM examinations and 70% of those have been distinctions.

I have performed in many capacities from touring with big trip hop acts, swing bands and performing solo classical piano to thousands of people. I play and teach all styles from Classical to Jazz. I also compose music for film and television and have produced music professionally for companies such as Panasonic and the BBC.

I am a fun and patient person who teaches in a relaxed and encouraging manner and I believe it is my job to inspire my student to look forward to practicing.

Thanks for reading,