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We are based in Brighton & Hove and provide specialist piano lessons to Brighton, Hove and the surrounding area. The 1st lesson is free.

Brighton piano teachers
We are a thoughtful and skilled team that teaches all ages and abilities in Brighton & Hove.

Piano courses
Our unique piano courses will have beginners playing with both hands in 5 lessons. You won't find them anywhere else in Brighton & Hove.

More about our piano lessons in Brighton & Hove:

What can we promise if you take piano lessons with us?

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Our piano school

  • A FREE 1st piano lesson

  • FREE materials throughout your tuition

  • Discounts for families, students and referrals

What type of piano teacher will we offer you?

  • A skilled and lovely piano teacher in Brighton & Hove

  • A piano teacher who has performed or studied to a degree standard

  • A piano teacher with a 100% pass rate in the ABRSM exams

  • A piano teacher with a fully kitted out piano studio

What do we provide our piano teachers with?

  • Games and fun lesson plans for younger children

  • Regular concerts on a grand piano in a wonderful location

  • Custom built piano courses for all ages and abilities (you also have the flexibility to study whatever you like)

  • Regular feedback and training at how to deliver the courses and all aspects of piano tuition including the ABRSM exams

  • A fantastic booking system that reduces cancellations and helps us to guarantee well organised piano tuition


Our piano courses

We have designed a number of unique and fun piano courses that help you learn the songs you love quickly.


Kevin Matthews Director of music

We are a friendly bunch, so come and play piano music you like, with people you'll like too.


Some commonly asked questions:

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Did you pick up a flyer? Say hello!

I picked up one of these flyers, it looks so different. Are you the same people? 

Yes. The website is looking a bit different but we are still the same. Send us a message and Paul, our Head Teacher, will find the right piano teacher for you.

Can I find a piano teacher near me? 

Yes. We have piano teachers in every district of Brighton & Hove. That said, we only work with piano teachers who are friendly and thoughtful.

I don't have the time to learn piano music. How can I fit it in? 

To begin with, you will only need to practice as long as it takes to brush your teeth. Fast forward 2 months and you'd be able to play the piano.  

Am I too old to learn how to play the piano?

The oldest student we have taught was 96 and that worked wonderfully. Learning the piano as an adult is no harder than learning the ropes in a new job role or using a new phone. Give us 10 lessons and you'll learn to improvise a 12 bar blues.

For younger students we start at 3 but all children are different. I guarantee that, with a bit of time and guidance, you'll get it.

You don't have to take any lessons after the FREE 1st piano lesson. Although, we are very confident that you will.

Let's meet Brighton Piano School's Head Teacher

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Paul Hunter

Head Teacher - Brighton Piano School

Who are you? 
My name is Paul Hunter; a Brighton based piano teacher, pianist and composer. I have spent my adult life working in the music industry as an educator, composer, pianist, accompanist and conductor. I have also worked as a project development manager for a music based charity that provides specialist music notation to individuals with learning difficulties. I undertook an MA in music at the University of Sussex where I obtained a merit for my compositional portfolio. I now run the Brighton Piano School.

What are your goals for Brighton Piano School?
I aim to provide specialist piano tuition to students of all ages and abilities. The Brighton Piano School offers unique benefits to the student; highly qualified piano teachers with great piano studios, a large community of students and teachers, termly concerts and specially designed courses. The piano courses facilitate learning by exposing the student to all areas of piano playing: reading music, composition, theory, technique, and improvisation. The drop off rate for students is extremely low which lends testament to the piano courses.

What makes a good piano teacher?
What I ask of our piano teachers I demand of myself. I am friendly, approachable, understanding and good at listening. Communication is vital in education and it is important that these skills continue at management level. In return, I ask that our piano teachers are well organised and respond to communication at the first available opportunity.  A good piano teacher must also be highly qualified. 
I often find that the initial meeting determines how likely the individual is to become a piano teacher with PianolessonsUK. One of the benefits for our piano teachers is the training that they will receive by joining Brighton Piano School.

What do you enjoy about the piano courses?
The piano courses are expertly written and are thorough in their approach to the acquisition of piano learning. Dynamics, composition, learning to read piano music and technique are learnt simultaneously. The techniques, seldom introduced so early but of vital importance, are provided straight away. The choice of piano music gives students access to classical, jazz, pop, Latin, film and much more so that the student becomes aware that piano music of all genres follows central tenets and rules that envelope all of music.

What do our piano students say?

"The Beginners piano course is so carefully designed."

"I've learned to play the blues, how to improvise, about piano technique and I've written a song. It's only been 15 lessons. Kevin is so good at explaining the pieces that even if I get stuck I know that at the next piano lesson the problem will be solved."

- Ambrosia, Brighton

"I am so lucky to have found a teacher with his expertise and great personality."

"As a 42 year old man with a history of health problems and an ambition to play the piano, it was a delight to find Jamie. He is patient, explains everything clearly and gives you tips to remember how to read music. On my first lesson I got such a friendly welcome and I felt at ease and less nervous immediately. I cannot recommend Jamie enough."

- Mark, Brighton

"Two more pianists blossoming as I type."

"My two children have recently started the piano lessons, adore the games and find it really fun. They are hooked!l - Thank you!"

- Emma, Hove

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Give it a go!

In 10 lessons time you could be playing a blues....