How much do piano lessons cost?

  • Always consider the experience and quality you're getting for your money
  • Top quality piano lessons will cost anything from £25 - £45
  • Ask about any special offers that the company/teacher may offer
  • Find out whether there are any free materials included
  • What would you pay to ensure you had quality tuition from the start?

How much are the piano lessons with PianolessonsUK?

Please contact us for price listings for all of our piano lessons. They are very competitive and start at £25 per hour. 

What special offers are there?

1st piano lesson is always FREE

Everybody’s first piano lesson is totally free. In this lesson you and your piano teacher can meet and get to know one another. We would have a chat find out exactly what your goals are and together and plan the best way to achieve them.

Student discounts

We want our piano lessons to be accessible as possible. If you're a student you'll get 10% off - NUS cards needed.

Family discounts

Private piano lessons can be expensive for a family. We will give you 10% off the total cost of your piano lessons for each extra family member. To be eligible for this discount, all family members must be living at the same address. There is a maximum discount of 50% off.

Referral discounts

If you refer someone to us and they book 5 or more piano lessons. We'll give you a free piano lesson. 
If you refer 5 people to us and they book 5 or more piano lessons. We'll give you a free piano lesson for each referred student and 5 piano lessons at half price.

Free practice books

We offer free piano diaries throughout your piano tuition. This will help you to keep track of everything that is taught in the piano lessons. We buy our books from Ackerman's music and would thoroughly recommend them as a source for all your materials. You can also buy these from Amazon although, in our experience, the deliveries can take a while and second hand books can often have scribbles in them.