Children's piano lessons for beginners (3-9 years old)

All suggestions found here are guidelines. Your piano teacher will suggest a plan at your free 1st piano lesson

Children's piano course

Age: Most children aged 3-9, who are beginners, should start here
Length: Generally 30 minutes
Previous experience: Unless your child can play with both hands, we'd recommend that we start here
Content: Your piano teacher will use a variety of games and a selected method book to develop all the musical skills that your child needs
These are the skills we'll be looking to develop:

  • Pattern recognition

  • Note recognition (on the piano)

  • Rhythm recognition

  • Using music to communicate

  • How music can communicate emotions

A typical 30 minute lesson:

  • Introduction - Review of material set

  • A fun game introducing concepts of the new material

  • Another game introducing another aspect of the new material

  • Introducing the new material

  • A review of the new piano work that has been set

  • You piano teacher will not usually spend more than 10 minutes per activity

Practice: To start with 1 minute each day or even each week is fine. 
Learning in this way is a completely new experience for the kids. We want to make sure that they are encouraged to play as opposed to forced. We must allow your children time to get used to it. After a short while, it becomes habitual and no prompting is needed. Just like brushing our teeth.

Once we finish this piano course, the children generally want to use their piano lessons to start the Beginners piano course. Either that or choose from a selection of piano pieces at a beginner level. 


Building a team


Learning to play the piano is about building a team you trust. Communication between you, your piano teacher and the child is so important to ensure that the piano lessons work. 

As kids, me and my brother always wanted to watch cartoons instead of practising. Night after night my dad would sit with me. He would encourage me as we learned to play the piano together. That's what made it work. 

We ask our piano teachers to set clear goals for you and your children's piano tuition. If you are ever unclear what should be done each week. Please don't hesitate to ask.

Kevin Matthews - Director, PianolessonsUK - Bristol

Piano tuition reviews


Piano student



A wonderful star in the making!
Name: Gabriel
Age: 9
Level: Just started the Beginners Piano Course
Level when he joined: Complete Beginner
Duration learning with PLUK: 1 year

What does Gabriel like about his teacher?
Kevin is really funny and also great at piano teaching and I think he is amazing. He is the greatest piano teacher ever and I think that's all I can say. 

What does Gabriel like about his lessons? 
I like the piano lessons because they are fun with lots of fun teaching activities and games. There are really great songs that I play too. 

Would you recommend the lessons to someone else? If so why?  
I'd definitely recommend Kevin to someone else because it's just brilliant. It's like having fun at a club whilst learning piano. 

Why does Gabriel enjoy studying with us? 
I like it because I love the different types of piano and I want to be in a band when I grow up so it will be very handy. I love preparing for the concerts and it's a very special part of my life. 

Gabriel playing beauty and the beast at his school concert. 

— Gabriel, BRIGHTON


Piano teacher


Jamie Bowden

Piano teacher, Hove

What do you like about the piano courses?
The piano courses designed by Kevin Matthews are incredibly thorough. I haven’t come across any other courses like them. They are a great aid for the teacher too as it cuts down on time spent planning my piano lessons.

What flexibility is there when it comes to teaching other material?
The courses can be supplemented with other pieces of music if the student wishes to learn a particular style or work.


Such a special approach..

"My kids quite simply adore the games I was so surprised I though i'd be dragging them there each week but they are delighted. It's their thing now!"

— Lisa, Bristol

1 distinction in the bag

"We live in Brighton and my daughter started as a beginner. She passed grade 1 piano with distinction - The piano lessons really helped her confidence"

— Lucy, Brighton

Best teacher in Hove!

“Jamie was so friendly and made my little ones feel so comfortable. They are normally so shy. He's a great guy and a wonderful piano teacher.”

— Antonia, Brighton