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Ray Fernandez

Piano teacher in Easton


About me
I have had the privilege of having great teachers throughout my years of study. I was born listening to Classical, Jazz, Salsa, Rock and Pop music. I have been teaching for many years now and it honours me helping my pupils reach their goals, whether they are taking exams or just looking to improve their piano skills and have a great time playing the piano.

These piano lessons will always focus on what you want to learn. Whether that’s helping you access one of the excellent piano courses or getting to understanding the workings of Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Salsa styles. I can teach beginners experts and

Why are my goals when teaching the piano to my student?

  • to pass on my knowledge to the students

  • to ensure that they have a great time playing the piano

  • to make the world a better and more sensitive place

  • to improve their piano skills lesson after lesson

  • to be an example to those wishing to become piano players in the future

  • to inspire myself to keep improving as a pianist and teacher in order to keep having a positive impact on my students and the school

Thanks for reading,