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Piano Lessons in Brighton

We are based in Brighton & Hove and are piano lessons specialists

What should great piano lessons offer?

  • How to maximise your practice time
  • Solid techniques to promote good tone & avoid injury
  • Your preferred genre E.g. Classical, Blues
  • The musicianship skills needed E.g Reading, improvisation, composition
  • Music theory in a fun and understandable way

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Brighton Piano Teacher
Brighton Piano Teacher

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Piano teacher Brighton

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  Piano Lessons Testemonials

"My daughter loves the lessons and has missed them over the holidays. The teacher is very approachable and the concerts are greata fun" 


"Great piano lessons very thorough."


"Hearing my son play his firts concert was such a treat for my dad he was so delighted."


"I have been taking piano lessons from these guys for 4 years now and I am now taking my Grade 7. I was a beginner 4 years ago and I couldn't be happier. I would pay double!"


"Just finished the 1st piano course and I am amazed at how much I've learned. Just played to my family at christmas and my dad was so proud. Love my piano lessons!!!"


"My kids quite simply adore the games I was so surprised I though i'd be dragging them there each week but they are delighted. It's their thing now!"


"What I love about the beginner's course is that it is steady and it teaches me songs that I love every week it's something I want to play! So happy!"


"I couldn't imagine the lessons to be any better face to face expert help always with so many solutions to any problem. Delighted!"


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What type of piano lessons do we offer Brighton & Hove?

Can I learn anything I want?

Yes!!! They are your piano lessons. The piano courses are designed to carefully structure your learning to enable our teachers to provide you with a quality product. If you want to learn something completely different that is fine with us. Just talk to you teacher, let them know what you'd like to learn and they will advise you as how to make it happen.

Foundation lessons (Children under 12 yrs old)

These piano lessons are designed for the younger student. The lessons are generally between 30 - 45 minutes depending on the individual. Your 

piano teacher will use a variety of games and a selected method book that will help to develop all the areas of musical skill that your child needs. 

A typical 30 minute lesson will be:

  • Introduction
  • Review of material set
  • A game introducing concepts of the new material
  • Another game introducing another aspect of the new material
  • Introducing the new material
  • A review of the new piano work that has been set

Your teacher will not usually spend longer than 10 minutes on an activity. It is because of this that 45 minute piano lessons can work with younger children. If on a certain week piano practice hasn't happened it is not a issue but your piano teacher will need more time to review the material from the 

last piano lesson. Once you finish this course children generally want to use their piano lessons to start the grade system, the Beginners course or choose from a selection of pieces at the correct level. 

 Studying for your Grades

This is a very common way to approach your piano studies. Many of our students have started on our foundation lessons and gone on to the grade system. This is an accredited system that covers a broad range of aspects of piano studies. It is not essential to go down this route but the certificates can count towards UCAS points and it gives a great way for you to asses your progress. We normally use the ABRSM syllabus but there are many others like Trinity and Rockschool.

The certificates can also be useful when applying for jobs as it is a system that is recognised by alot of employers.

 Beginners piano course (Adults and children over 12)

This piano course is designed for the Adult beginners 12 years and over. The lessons are generally between 45 - 60 minutes depending on the individual. Your teacher will use a the carefully designed course that will help to develop all apsects the you need to become a piano player.

A typical 60 minute lesson will teach you:

  • how to read music
  • how to compose and write a piece of music
  • how to improvise
  • how to play jazz, blues, classical, tango and pop
  • about major and minor scales and chords
  • to play songs like imagine, the Godfather theme, pink panther and Chopin valse in A minor

 Intermediate piano course

This piano course is aimed at piano players who have either finished the Beginners piano course or who have been learning to play the

 piano for quite a long time (an ABRSM equivalent would be Grade 2). To start this course you should be able to pick up and read most pieces of music, have a good understanding of chords, scales and piano notation. These piano lessons will be 60 minutes long. We will go into more depth about specific genres and time periods of piano music. 

We'll cover: 

  • how to write and notate a longer piano composition
  • how to improvise to a higher standard, play a walking bassline etc...
  • musical styles in depth like baroque, romantic, classical, jazz, impressionist, boogie, ragtime and more. 
  • more about major and minor scales and further chord development
  • songs like Air on a G string, Fur Elise and Mission Impossible

 Advanced piano lessons

These piano lessons are aimed at piano players who have been learning to play the piano for quite a long time. A grade equivalent would be 

Grade 5 plus. By this point, generally you are able to pick up and read most pieces of music. These lessons will be 60 minutes long. We will go 

into more depth about specific genres and time periods of piano music. We'll cover many more piano techniques in detail and talk more about the structure of piano music too E.g Sonata form. Generally speaking you'll be working towards an graded exam (Probably ABRSM) or you might fancy 

working with your teacher on whatever you enjoy and feel will help you to develop as a pianist.